Monday, September 27, 2010

My First Touches of Fall!

Hey guys!! Happy Fall... Whoop!! I'm so excited to finally be saying that!  After way too many weeks of 100+ degree weather here in Texas I have never been so happy for Fall.  I just wanted to show you my first few touches.  I ran across these cuties in the paint section at Lowe's several months ago.

I loved them! They are perfect for so many things and I was finally inspired to actually purchase one when the pumpkins came out this year... Woohoo!  I just bought a bunch of different pumpkins and gourds from a local nursery and put them in the tub.

Not much of a tutorial here :)  Just fill it up and put it on a table somewhere.  I used mine for my dining table centerpiece.  It will be great during Winter too filled with other goodies!  Great $10 investment... Thank you Lowe's!

I also wanted to do a pumpkin stack in my entry right by the stairs.  I bought these super cute pumpkins in different sizes so I could stack them... So cute... And it required no spray paint ;)

I also found these great silver pumpkins at Marshall's last week!  I paid $13 for both together which I thought was a steal!  They look like they came from Pottery Barn with a much prettier price tag.

Here are just a few more touches I added this week.  I found this great galvanized container at Michael's for $3 on clearance.  My younger sister and I ran across these cherry blossom stems at Michael's too.  I am very anti-silk flowers in my own home but these were so cute to me!!  I added a bit of dried curly willow in with it.

I also found this antique rice bowl at my trip to Round Top last Fall.  I change it out with different goodies and for now it is full of baby pumpkins and gourds.  Did I mention that I LOVE Fall :)!??

So again... Not really a tutorial here but I did want to show you a few ways I am changing out the seasons at my house.  Have you gals been getting ready for Fall??  We would love to see some of your pics! Link them up to our Facebook page so we can see them and share them with our other readers!!  Have a happy Monday... I am going outside!!


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Friday, September 24, 2010

Ruffled Lamp Shade

Hey guys!  So, I owe this post to Whitney.  Number 1 ~ she gave me the hand-me-down lamp and Number 2 ~ she gave me the idea for the lamp shade and did the sewing part of it:)

We started with fabric cut into 8 3 inch strips.  Then Whitney ruffled each strip and sewed red around the edges for added cuteness.

Next, I hot glued each strip around a 12" drum shade that I purchased at Wal-Mart for $14.99.  (This is a great drum shade btw!  The color is perfect so you can embelish it anyway you would like!)  I folded the ends where they met and hot glued them down for a clean look.

Work in progress....

I haven't decided whether or not I am going to revamp the lamp base.  I like it how it is now and I was too impatient to wait to put the shade on!

Little sneak peak of the nursery....

We used the same fabric that we used for the drop cloth curtains.  Got it at Hobby Lobby.

My Meme and sister Kyndra found that great chandelier for me at Sam Moon Home Decor store!

Again, I owe this post and my lamp shade to Whitney:)  I have absolutely no sewing ability so it could not have been done without her!  Thanks Whit!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fab Flower Headbands... For mom too!!!

Before we get started with all of our Fall decorating posts I thought I would sneak this one in.  We had several questions about the flower headbands my little lady was wearing in her pictures. 

 These are super simple and cheap to make!  The best part... They are cute for mom too!  Here's how we make them...

The first thing you will need is your flower.  These are silk stems that can be found at any craft store.  The ones I am using in this headband are from Joann's but I also like purchasing from Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Garden Ridge.

You will also need baby elastic.  I purchase mine by the yard at Joann's but you can also get them in small boxes as well.  I am using white for this headband but this elastic dyes really well with Rit dye which is what I used for all my pink headbands.

You will need a piece of felt.  You can get this at any craft store.  I try to match the color of my flower or just use white.

I use my favorite hot glue gun for these headbands because it puts only a little bit of glue out at a time.  You can find them at Walmart and they are $5.97.

The first thing you will need to do is separate your flower.  I will use three for this headband.  Pull the flower off the stem like this.

The green plastic part of the stem will then pull off like this.

Next, cut a small rectangle of felt to attach your flowers to. If you are only using one flower you can cut a circle of felt.

Cut your elastic the length you want it.  I measure the diameter of the baby's head (or mine) and make it 1/2" shorter.  Put a line of hot glue on your felt and attach your elastic like this.  It will form a circle.

You will be attaching the flowers on top of the elastic and to the felt.  Just pull of a petal at a time like this...

Add a drop of hot glue and attach it to the felt like this.

Now add a petal at a time with a small drop of hot glue.

I finished the both sides first and then did the middle flower.

Next you need to add your bling.  I used acrylic rhinestones for my centers.  Just get the end of a small dowel wet (I use spit:) and touch the top of your rhinestone.  It will pick it up.  Add a very small dot of hot glue to the center of your flower and press the stone down on it.

That's it!! How cute are those!! They are super easy and I love wearing them myself as well.  Here are a few more I have made...

This is the single flower and I used a circle of felt on the back...

Remember the cute rolled rosettes I posted a while back???  I used that method and made this headband below the exact same way I made the flower headbands.

And do you remember the super cute lace flowers I showed you a few months ago??  I made my own headband using the same method here.

I used black elastic for that one.   How fun are those??  They are super cheap and take no time at all to do!  Plus, you will find similar ones at stores for close to $20... No thank you! Hope you like them!! Let me know if you have any questions at all!!  Happy Wednesday!!

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